By - Alvin Mathis

Presentation Tips, for a confident appearance

Are you always so excited when the next presentation is pending?

Actually, you are well prepared. You are in the topic, have worked out everything carefully and can probably answer questions.

Nevertheless, you are nervous and you believe that you are watching it. Which makes you even more nervous. You wonder why some people are so incredibly confident and cool in presenting and you are not?

Surely you have already tried to introduce your audience naked during the presentation. Let me guess, it did not help.

Luckily, presenting as an exam form is one of the easiest exercises I can do, and I can help you get your next presentation off the stage with confidence.

So let’s get started and figure out what you’re doing wrong before I tell you how to do it better.

How to sell badly in your presentation

1) You let yourself be blocked by your fear

Fear is nothing bad. It is a normal bodily response and helps to make your muscles and brain better oxygenated. Your body ensures that you can think and respond better.

With you exactly the opposite is the case?

That too is a normal reaction. The fear of anxiety causes a blockage in the head. You get so pure that no clear thought is possible. The body shoots over his target and thus causes the opposite of what he really wanted. The good thing is that you can actively do something about it.

You are nervous and that’s ok. Accept that. We are all nervous when we have to present ourselves to others. Even the pros. They call it stage fright. If you accept stage fright and stop betting against it, nothing bad will happen. Promised. As I said, your body just wants to help you think better and that’s exactly what you want. So do not fight it.

Nobody is perfect and your audience knows that. Surely you will not get a bad grade just because your hand or voice trembled a bit and no one will chalk you when you blush. So stop driving yourself crazy.

2) You try to pretend

Not everyone likes to be the focus. This is completely right. You are not a bad person just because you prefer to write chores or exams. Believe me, there are enough people who admire you for this property.

Me for example. Exams are not my case. I admire anyone who knows that by memorizing it better than me. So pretty much everyone feels.

So yes, maybe you are not the best presenter in this world. But honestly, there are worse ones. Do not try to bend yourself in hell. Because a deciding factor that makes good speakers is authenticity.

Nobody will buy your arguments in the presentation if they are read or memorized. How so? Because it makes you feel like you’re not behind what you’re saying. So do not worry so much about the phrasing, but more about the message YOU want to bring over. Stop pretending. Fuck complicated words that you can not pronounce. In hindsight, your audience can only remember 7% of what you said. This is what Albert Mehrabian psychologist and professor emeritus at the University of California proved in 1967.

So do not put everything on the gold scale and if you ever forget a sentence, then maybe it is not so important.

3) You are selfish

I’m sorry if I have to tell you that, but you’re an egotist!


You think about how you can get time for reflection in questions, without it seems as if you have no idea.

Did you even think about your audience for a second at your search for presentation techniques? To your fellow students who ask you no extra questions so as not to embarrass you. To those who may have just come, so you do not have to present in front of an empty “class”? To those who, even though they are totally different in mind, are still trying to look interested so that you feel better?

If you are only here to find out

how to outsmart your audience

how you can make her believe you’re a cool bastard, showing off the shit with her left as if she’d never done anything else

then you’re an egoist and you’re wrong here. Because with this attitude you will NEVER present really well. Promised!

What your audience wants from your presentation:

Your audience wants to learn something from you.

Your audience wants to listen to you.

Your audience does not want to be bored.

If you just want your audience to find you great, or at least not stupid, then go past the needs of your audience.

If you want to present really well and respect your audience, then you will take the time to think about a question adequately before answering it. And if you can not answer the question, then be honest. Your counterpart is no idiot. Somehow rumzulabern only to save time does not look smart, but arrogant. The others notice that and feel they are being sold stupidly. Better to admit that you do not know and offer to provide the answer to the question later. This is called respect and communication at eye level.

Do you recognize yourself in it?

If you do not believe all that, then think about which teachers you like most this semester. Those who give 90-minute monologues with tons of facts and foreign words and immediately have a highly intellectual answer ready for everything? Or are they the ones who rather lead their lessons in a dialogical way, value feedback and prefer to explain less material until everyone understands it than to show what else they have on it?

3 Presentation Tips to convince

1) Eliminate physical notes

Say goodbye to all physical notes! Away with index cards or even worse A4 sheets! This not only looks unprofessional, but also distracts incredibly.

Whether you like it or not, you will always stare at it. And every time you do that, you steer your eyes away from the audience. In the worst case scenario, you even hold the entire day before your notebook and not the people in front of you. Stop doing that!

If you use a presentation program like PowerPoint or Keynote like most others, then put your notes in there. In the presenter’s view, you’ll see your slides, your own notes, and no worries, you’ll see them all alone.

The practical thing is that you can assign each note to a specific slide and then you do not have to start fooling around because you’ve lost the thread. And you’ll save at least one look, because you sure have to look at your slides anyway. The additional view of your notes is thus eliminated.

In addition, you’ll have a decent WOW effect.

Because hey, your audience does not see any notes. You present “free”!

How amazing is that? With it you automatically act like a pro. The sooner you start studying, the better.

Apart from that, without a slip of paper in your hand, you are much cooler overall because there is nothing left to show your trembling hands. Try it out!

2) Focus on your friends

Ask one or more of your fellow students, with whom you understand yourself, to sit in the last row or in the room for your presentation. These people are well disposed to you. You trust them and feel comfortable with them. You could say you are friends. Imagine during your presentation now, that would not be a presentation to X people + Prof, but only speak with these friends. Do not give them a lecture, but talk to them. Do not represent yourself, but explain something to them. Be with them in thought instead of with you. Believe me, that makes a huge difference.

Be loud enough for them to understand you. Make sure they see you well and assure you by eye contact with them that they follow you and have no questions. Try to hide all other people.

Do not think about the note or anybody to impress it, but make it your goal to explain something to your friends so that they really understand it. By sitting far away from you, you automatically have to speak louder. And by moving your thoughts away from your own concerns to their understanding, you become more relaxed overall. You can see that too.

I’m sure you’re pretty smart. You have done everything conscientiously. In 1: 1 situations it is easy for you to explain other things.

So why should not you be able to explain it to them now?

3) Say goodbye to your perfectionism

Your greatest enemy and critic in the referencing you are yourself.

Now you know how to present without notes and instantly improve your posture + eye contact. Still, you do not think you can do it.

“What if I forget something important to say?”

Nobody else knows what you wanted to say except you. So no one notices. And if it was really important, they will ask you at the latest after your presentation. Luckily, you have researched everything important conscientiously and can therefore answer this question with ease.


To improve your outward appearance immediately, you have to do three things:

Eliminate physical notes.

Focus on your friends.

Say goodbye to your perfectionism.

Do not bore your audience with unnecessary facts. Less is more.

Teach your audience something.

Be aware that you know more about the subject than anyone else in the room.

Be yourself.

If you follow these three rules, I’m sure you’ll positively surprise profs, faculty and fellow students.

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