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If you are accused of a crime in Dallas, you should contact a criminal attorney. Legal proceedings begin when law enforcement officials gather evidence that supports probable cause to arrest someone. Police may also arrest someone suspected of committing a crime. After an arrest, the state will file formal charges against the individual. The accused person is then required to attend a hearing called arraignment. This hearing allows the accused to enter a formal plea to the charges. Typically, the accused pleads not guilty. A Dallas criminal lawyer will develop a defense for you.

Many criminal defense attorneys in Dallas list their profiles online. The information listed includes contact information, biographical information, education, and links to their firm’s website. You can also fill out an online contact form to reach the attorney. The process of hiring a criminal attorney in Dallas is simple and fast when you use these resources. However, you should remember that a criminal defense attorney can only handle certain types of cases. It is best to find one who has the resources to take on the case you are facing.

Once you’re arrested and charged, it’s time to contact a Dallas criminal lawyer. A criminal conviction can impact every aspect of your life. Even a misdemeanor offense can ruin your family and financial prospects. Even if the charges were misdemeanor, it is important to retain an attorney to protect your civil rights. A criminal attorney can protect your rights and fight to clear your name and help you move forward with your life.

A well-regarded Dallas criminal defense attorney is J. Michael Price II. He and his legal team have defended people charged with crimes in Dallas, including narcotics sales, theft, white-collar fraud, and computer offenses. In fact, they’ve won hundreds of dismissals and lighter sentences for their clients. Asante Legal PLLC is dedicated to helping people get back on their feet after being arrested.

A Dallas criminal attorney can help you fight a family violence charge if you’re facing a conviction. A family member may cause injury to another person, causing them serious physical harm or even death. In such cases, the district attorney’s office will be under great pressure to hold the perpetrator accountable. A Dallas criminal lawyer can help you fight this case by raising defenses like self-defense, or arguing that you were protecting yourself.