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Criminal charges can have a serious impact on your life. Hiring one of the experienced criminal defence lawyers in Toronto will help you get through these difficult times and defend your rights.

Defending clients against white-collar crimes, homicide and drug offences, this firm has a wealth of courtroom experience. It has successfully litigated precedent-setting cases.


Whether you are facing an investigation, questioning or criminal charges for homicide, it is essential to retain the services of an experienced criminal lawyer. A conviction for murder can have a severe impact on your life and career. An experienced defence lawyer can help you to avoid the maximum penalty under the law and fight for your freedom and rights.

Criminal lawyer Calvin Barry has over 30 years of experience representing clients at all levels of court in Ontario. His experience includes homicide, drug possession and assault cases as well as white-collar crime matters.

When choosing a Toronto criminal lawyer, consider their track record and the types of cases they have handled. A reputable defence lawyer will invest the time, energy and resources necessary to ensure that your case is as strong as possible. They will also offer a fair and reasonable price for their services. Some lawyers charge by the hour while others use a block fee structure that is more transparent and offers flexibility for unanticipated case management expenses.

Drug Possession

A conviction for drug possession can have devastating effects on your life. Even a first-offense misdemeanor conviction can result in time behind bars, a record that impacts your employment and your freedom to travel.

A criminal defence lawyer who has handled a wide variety of cases and situations can help you protect your rights and defend yourself against these charges. They know how to navigate the courts, Crown attorneys and judges in Toronto and can work to mitigate any negative impacts a drug possession conviction could have on your life.

Reisman has experience from both the Crown and Defence side of criminal law and will use his insights to assess your case in an efficient and effective manner. He can advise you of your options quickly without establishing unrealistic expectations for your case. The bail hearing is one of the first steps in the process and he can help you prepare for this as well.

Driving Offences

The Toronto Police Service is one of the largest law enforcement forces in Canada, and they take driving offences seriously. They routinely stop vehicles and inspect driver’s licences. If you are stopped by the police and charged with a serious driving offence, you should consult an experienced criminal defence lawyer immediately.

While some lawyers charge by the hour, others have block fee structures that cover all aspects of criminal defence work including research and preparation. Hourly rates are usually based on a lawyer’s seniority and experience.

The complexities of the Canadian legal system can seem intimidating, and trying to navigate it on your own could be disastrous. An experienced and compassionate criminal lawyer will make the process as stress-free as possible for you. They will protect your rights, defend you from criminal charges, and fight for your freedom. They will also be available to you 24 hours a day. They will give you the personal attention that you deserve.

Youth Criminal Justice Act

Defending youth criminal offences is a different beast from defending adult cases. As a result, the defence strategies and techniques must be adapted to youth offences. An experienced criminal lawyer who has handled these types of cases will know the defences and arguments that work well with the prosecutors and judges who handle juvenile crimes in Toronto and throughout Ontario.

Prior to the YCJA, pre-trial detention was routinely used and Canada had one of the highest rates of youth incarceration in western countries. The YCJA now requires that personal circumstances be considered to see if the young offender can be served in a non-custodial manner.

A Toronto criminal lawyer who has experience handling these kinds of cases will understand the process that must be followed and take advantage of COVID-19-related procedures, where they exist. They will be prepared to move cases along quickly without setting unrealistic expectations. This approach will help ensure that the accused gets the best possible result for their case.