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Bachelor Thesis print & bind ~ 5 valuable tips

Printing and tying a bachelor thesis can be quite a bit of a lot of fun, and if you’re in the mood, like most students, you probably do it just a day before the deadline. That’s why most of them simply run into the next best copy shop, without worrying about the price and are then perhaps surprised by the price.

This is the second time I have done this procedure. I had my bachelor thesis printed and bound online. During the master thesis I used a print service near me and therefore have the following tips for you:

Saving tips for submitting your bachelor thesis

Bachelor thesis print

Bachelor Thesis Self-Printing vs. to duck

With some providers, it is possible to print the work at home and then only let it bind. This is probably by far the cheapest option of all. Works only if you have a good and reliable printer at home and find a local provider who agrees.

Color vs. grayscale

Also, you should consider whether your work should be printed in color or black and white. It should be noted that even colored headlines alone can significantly increase the price of printing.

For reasons of cost, I personally opted for an interim solution, of which I printed two in color (for the two examiners) and one copy in black and white (for the university’s archive). On an additional copy for myself I have completely renounced in both works.

Bachelor thesis bind n

The last thing you want is for your bachelor thesis to fall apart while your professor reads it. You would definitely leave a lasting impression, but certainly not a good one. Only a perfect thesis, is also rewarded with a very good grade. The quality of the binding is therefore just as important as spelling and text formatting.

Often there are also requirements of the university, which in addition to the correct font size, line spacing and correction margin also exclude certain types of bookbinding (for example, ring binding) for the submission of theses and prescribe certain media for a digital version for plagiarism.

The most often selected binding for Bachelor theses is Hardcover, which is usually the most expensive option, but also the most festive, highest quality and fastest. After all, your degree is something special and so it should feel for you and your examiners too.

The softcover is also a very good binding and as a cheaper alternative to the hardcover completely legitimate. Your final grade is certainly not tied to the hardness of the book cover. If it looks rather sad in your wallet at the moment, you should definitely think about a softcover perfect binding. Since they have to dry in contrast to the hardcover binding, which has to be stapled, you should plan a bit more time with this option, at least when printing on site.

Find the right provider

Copy shops on site

The advantage of the on-site printing is that virtually every campus has a copyshop somewhere that handles the job for you right away. In the best case you can hand in your work the same day. Yay!

But sometimes you have to wait several hours and maybe come back for pickup or you can even pick up the work the next day. In itself, this is not a drama, it just just costs more time and Rumfahrerei than you might have thought and then it can really annoying.

Order a bachelor thesis online

The advantage of online sellers is that you do not have to move out of the house to place a contract and are completely independent of any opening hours. You can also conveniently compare prices and services on the laptop and figure out various printing options without having a salesperson chatting with you (they might find it more expensive, of course).

The disadvantage of online printing is, of course, that the work can definitely not be delivered on the same day. Even if express delivery is possible, you have to give the whole thing at least one to two days between placing the order and receiving the goods. Beame was not invented yet. But you can also specify as your shipping address and your university and do not even have to leave the apartment for the levy.

My Personal Experience Online Vs. Offline

As I already mentioned at the beginning of the text, I had my bachelor thesis printed and bound online, while at the Master’s thesis I decided on the basis of my husband’s recommendation for a copy shop in my place of residence.

The only reason to print offline this time was time pressure. I had to leave the next day and expected to be able to take the bound work directly with me. In my case, this did not work out as expected. The store was so busy that I had to wait an hour before I could print my file and then it was too late for a tie on the same day, since the employee in charge was now closing time. So I had to return the next day to pick up the work and drive from there to the university (1 hour drive) to deliver it.

If I had to decide again today …

… I would place the order online again. I was completely satisfied with the service and quality of my bachelor thesis ordered online. I looked at several vendors on- and offline and could not see any significant differences in this respect. When ordering online, but I have less racing.

Bachelorprint discount code

In order to give you a little pleasure and to celebrate your graduation with you, I did some research and negotiated an exclusive discount for my readers at Bachelorprint, which I believe to be the most interesting online print provider, so you do not just get a discount on copy editing and plagiarism, but also save money for printing and shipping! So that a few euros remain for the obligatory bottle of sparkling wine to toast

This should really no longer stand in the way of your degree.

I hope I could help you with that a little bit and wish you all the best on your last few meters.

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